The first of its kind, industry professionals are creating educational courses dedicated to the luxury resale industry to help you build, launch grow and learn about an industry that is slated to grow to $64 BILLION dollars by 2024.

The Luxury Resale Industry

The luxury resale industry is in a category of its own due to the high price tags of the items you're selling.

Because of this it cannot be treated like thrifting or selling low to mid range designers. Luxury needs to be treated different and if you are ready for the hard work, we're going to support and guide you through every step in building your own luxury resale business.

Education is the first step and continuing to learn allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors. We understand that and are creating courses to allow you to learn from people you can trust at your own speed in you own time.

From the first course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business which give you the basic understanding on how to set a solid, legal foundation for your new business to the courses we have planned for 2021, Marque Mentor School is the online destination to learn everything you'll need to know about Luxury Resale and building a business you're passionate about.

Our Courses

Education is the biggest proponent of the Marque Mentor School and this is why we create the courses we do, to help you gain a better understanding of the luxury resale industry and the brands. 

The resale market is booming and if you are going to be a part of it you need to have a basic understanding of each brand you will be selling. We’ve created six volumes (courses) of educational material from brands like Balenciaga to Faure Le Page which will include:

  • Five luxury brands in each course
  • Short history of each brand
  • Materials Used
  • Hardware 
  • Fonts
  • Heat Stamps
  • Date Codes and Serial Numbers
  • Top selling styles

Our goal is to give you a better understanding as to what to look out for when shopping the resale market and appreciate the history of the brands we all know and love. 

Course for luxury handbag authentication
Date Codes and
Serial Numbers

Understanding how to read a serial number or date code is just one component in determining authenticity and each volume, we break it down brand by brand to learn how to read each one and determine if it makes sense.

Materials and Hardware used for luxury handbags
Materials and Hardware

In each volume, you will learn the names of materials used from each brand along with hardware and zippers. This is key when learning how to tell the difference between counterfeit and authentic.

History and Style Names

Included in each volume, a short history of each brand along with the most coveted styles (images and names) will give you a better understanding of

"Thanks Deanna for the information. You're very helpful and inspiring! Watching, taking this course has motivated me to pursue my dream of owning a successful business.

You answered all my questions in all your videos.

Very informative:)"


~Surreal Luxury Boutique

Learn how to launch your own luxury resale business
Deanna Thompson Co-Founder of Marque Mentor

Hi, I’m Deanna

Over $1,500 is what I lost when I was building my first luxury resale business. This cost was just for the website and the guy I hired ended up ghosting me, leading me to do everything myself.

I was so mad that from that point I decided that was how I would do everything: by myself, for myself. From building a website to figuring out the best way to ship, insurance, handling money and taxes to marketing, I would never have to wait or pay someone for something I was fully able to do myself.

I have always felt that having control of your own business is just one of the keys to your success and by learning how to do all of these things, you can guarantee they are done the way you want and when you want. Since I know this works, I wanted to teach others how to start so they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did in the beginning, thus prompting the creation of the Marque Mentor School.

Myself, along with the Industry Professionals that we have partnered with, have created courses to teach and guide you as you follow your passion in launching your own luxury resale business.


Q. Who should take these courses?

A. Anyone that is interested in luxury handbags and learning more about the brands from a source they can trust.

Q. What will I learn? 

A. Each volume has been broken down to include five luxury handbag brands and each module will cover:

  • A brief history of the brand
  • Materials used by each brand
  • Hardware and engravings - what it should look like
  • Learn how to read a date code or serial number
  • Fonts
  • Top selling styles
  • Counterfeit images 

Q. How long is each course?

A. The courses which are all self paced should take you anywhere from a couple of days to a week, depending on how much time you devote to it. 

Q. Will I receive a Certificate when I finish a course? 

A. Teachable, the platform we are hosting all of our courses on does produce a Certificate of Completion but we believe that this is an accomplishment you should be proud of so we will mail you a fancier hard copy of your certificate which is perfect for sharing or framing!

Q. Who should take these courses?

A. Anyone that is interested in luxury handbags and learning more about the brands from a source they can trust.

Q. Will I be able to authenticate after I take the courses? 

A. These courses are for educational purposes only and are meant to help you gain a better understanding of each brand.