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Let's start at the beginning.

The most common question when selling in the luxury resale market "Are these authentic?" Before you can even answer this you should educate yourself about the luxury brands and what makes each unique. In this sixth course we will cover and answer questions like:

Who is Faure Le Page?

Where are Loewe bags made?

Does Saint Laurent use branded zippers?

Materials, Hardware, Stamping, Fonts and everything you'll need to have a good understanding of the brands will be included in this course.

This course will cover the following brands:







In each module, we cover a brief brand history from where and when they started to what is their most notable handbags.

Materials Used

Each brand uses materials that are unique to them and knowing the correct names is helpful when authenticating.

We'll cover interior and exterior materials used and why they are so unique.


Hardware is a one of the key component to understanding authenticity and in each module.

From screw types to etching, understand what each brands, should or should not look like.

Date Codes & Serial Numbers

Date Codes and Serial Numbers will tell you where and when an item was made.

In each brand module, we will break down the letters and/or numbers so you will be able to read each.

Red Flags

At the end of each module, we will share tips and tricks along with images on what to look out for when learning about the brands.

Certificate of Completion

When you finish the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Here at Marque Mentor we know how important this accomplishment is so you will also be mailed a hard copy, perfect for sharing and/or framing.

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